Corporate Communications

Corporate communications

Form opinions, secure awareness – with targeted corporate communications.

Our corporate strategists have extensive experience in external and internal corporate communications, as well as crisis communication. From guiding your change processes and establishing long-term communication strategies to developing and implementing project-related communication concepts, with us you get everything from one source. An in-house editorial team and a graphics unit ensure effective execution of your plan of action. If necessary, we also function as the back office for the press officer and provide qualified personnel to fulfil the role of external press officer.

If you want to manage a crisis successfully, you have to be well-prepared. With the right tools and targeted crisis management, you can steer many processes towards a positive outcome. Our experienced communicators can help you – with effective ad hoc assistance in case of emergency or advance planning to help you be prepared, with media training included upon request. Together with the responsible persons in the company, we develop appropriate strategies and the correct behaviour in a crisis. If you have an effective toolbox and a crisis communication guide for the most important potential crises ready, you will be able to stay calm no matter what happens. All crisis mandates are subject to strict confidentiality.

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